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Al Fink will take a few months off from doing live shows. I have over 200 past shows that I want to edit and Archived. I love doing the live shows but I really must get these 200 past shows up on line. Check back often. I am thinking that June 2019 will be the come back live date. I Really love you guys. Be well. Keep playing out live! See you live again after the New Year. I will do live special interviews for open mic and jam hosts on request. I am here working on Live Music Promotions. Feel free to listen to the archives. You may contact me 732-552-9220

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Al Fink has interviewed 100's of local music artists.
It has been my honor to share who they are and their
talent with you. I have been busy reviewing these many
interviews. I am editing, distributing and posting them.
I will release several each week.

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